brauchi laboratory

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The Lab

The Brauchi Laboratory occupies approximately 120 sq. mt. of space in the Physiology Department at Universidad Austral de Chile; approximately 60 sq. mt. are devoted to electrophysiology and imaging, containing complete patch clamp setups, a two electrode voltage clamp recording station, and a planar bilayer station. One patch clamp work station is prepared for Voltage Clamp Fluorimetry (VCF) recordings. The laboratory has one triple line TIRF microscope (405/473/532) equipped for single molecule measurements and FRET; one additional double line (488-532) TIRF microscope is coupled to a patch clamp amplifier. Another 40 sq. mt. of space is devoted to protein biochemistry and standard molecular biology work. The lab is also provided with a tissue culture room containing incubators and a laminar flow hood. Approximately 20 mt. sq. of lab space is dedicated for the students and technicians with bench and computers. Common laboratory space includes a cold room, FPLC, ultracentrifuges, phosphoimager, and confocal microscope.

Valdivia, The Southern Pearl

The Brauchi Laboratory is located in the beautiful city of Valdivia in the southern region of Chile. With about 130 thousand inhabitants, Valdivia is a quiet city and the capital of the region. Surrounded by rivers and nature, Valdivia is one of the most attractive places to visit within the country. The city was developed by a German settlement, and their influence can be perceived in architecture and by the quality of the local breweries. Located in Teja island, Universidad Austral de Chile is the heart of Valdivia. Main campus is one of the most beautiful in the country, hosting a relaxing arboretum in between research buildings. Valdivia is also the base of the national rowing team and a paradise for water sports during the summer. For more information you can visit:


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